Commissions / Custom Work

Hello! :) 
If you are interested in custom work (that is not rug related) please refer to my commissions form.

If you are looking for a custom rug, please refer to my 2024 Rug Form.

Looking forward to working with you ♡




To give you an idea of the type of work that I have been hired for in the past: cover art, logos, business cards, twitch layouts, advertisements, t- shirt design, sticker design, etc. 



In terms of custom work, I have done earrings, keychains, and punch-needle rugs. I am very open minded to creating all sorts of custom work, so if you're looking for something I haven't listed, I will be more than likely to accommodate you and your ideas! 



To see examples of both paid and personal work, please refer to my instagram



Please contact me via email: [email protected] 

Looking forward to working with you! :)