Product Care

All of these care insctructions have been included in your order, but in case you misplace your care card or forget how to care for your product, please refer to the information below.

Thank you again for your support, I hope you are enjoying your product

If you have any questions that were not answered below, please feel free to reach out via email :) 
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Rug Care

Please avoid placing your rug in high traffic areas (such as a door/  shower mat) as well as using high pressure cleaning tools.

✦ For longevity, it is best to keep your rug clean using a low suction vacuum (if you are worried your vacuum may be too powerful, I recommend using your vacuum's brush attachment if it has one).

✦ It is completely normal for your rug to get fuzzy over time (especially in loop pile rugs), the best way to make it look new again is to trim all the loose threads and top layer of fuzz with scissors (but be careful not to cut a chunk of your rug out lol).

✦ Please DO NOT machine wash your rug. If it needs to be cleaned, spot treat by dabbing the area (never rubbing), or take to a local dry cleaner to see if they can help!

Mirror Care

✦ Please avoid placing your mirror in places with high humidity or where your mirror will get wet.

✦ When cleaning, DO NOT spray cleaner directly onto mirror. Instead, spray cleaner onto a cloth and then wipe your mirror down.

Coaster Care

It is totally normal for your coasters to get fuzzy over time, or need trimmings of loose threads.

✦ Please DO NOT machine wash, the best way to clean your coasters is to lint roll or spot treat. 

Earring Care

All of my earrings are nickle free to ensure that anyone with a nickle allergy will be able to wear my work! 

Like any pair of earrings, it is best to keep them away from/touching other pairs, especially of those that are made of different metals (including earring holders made out of mteal), as it can cause them to tarnish.