Binakol Inspired Illusion Rug (Purple) *ONLY ONE AVAILABLE*

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originally i had found this pattern through @ lemon quilts as a free quilt pattern, and thought it would be a neat rug, but recently have been informed that it actually has a lot of history behind it!

the pattern is called binakol, which is traditionally woven and originally came from Indigenous groups of the Philippines. in these communities, weaving is a culture, a part of their identity, and a way of life. in the Ilocos region, they believed that evil spirits hovered overhead and preyed on sleeping souls. To distract/confused them, they would hand weave blankets in dizzying designs for protection.

i would love for the person who may buy this (or the purple/ white one), to appreciate and respect the history and culture behind the pattern, and possibly do further research about it!

i would also like to include some textile businesses in the Philippines ( that i will link in my bio!) these businesses give back the indigenous communities and artisans that continue to do traditional weaving. i myself will be purchasing some of these beautiful fabrics from these businesses, along with donating a % of both rugs to them to go to the traditional weavers and their communities :)


Make your space funky with a psychedelic rug!

Felt backed, to ensure longevity of the rug.

45x60 inches