Gift Card


PLEASE READ! *important info below*

Upon purchase, you will be emailed a discount code (which is the gift card). You may print it out or forward the email to whoever this may be for. It works just like any other discount code, but it must be used all at once in a SINGLE transaction.

Since your code/ giftcard only has a ONE TIME USE, please make sure to use it when your total is EQUAL or MORE THAN the gift card's value.

(Ex: You have a $10 giftcard. Only use it if your total is $10 or more. If you use your $10 giftcard on a $5 purchase, the remaining $5 that should be left on your giftcard as a balance, will no longer exist and cannot be used again)

Sorry for the confusion or inconvenience this may create, Big Cartel doesn't have a gift card option yet and the only way to do this is manually, and there is no way to track what is spent/ remaining this way :'(

*Since giftcard codes are sent manually by me, please allow up to a couple hours after purchase to receive code (via email). It generally won't take me that long to send it to you, but just in case you are worried about not getting it yet. Thanks!